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Choctaw Indian BoundariesDownload38
1990 Census Designated PlacesDownload338
2007 Incorporated CitiesDownload531
2000 Incorporated CitiesDownload479
2007 Census PlacesDownload700
Census Places Download119
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers DistrictsDownload24
MS Dept. of Corrections SitesDownload2
Multi-County Industrial DistrictsDownload402
Highway Patrol DistrictsDownload286
MS Zip Code BoundariesDownload1,604
National Wildlife RefugesDownload24
Planning & Development DistrictsDownload388
Public Service Commission DistrictsDownload290
Statewide Electric CAsDownload1,379
Statewide Gas CAsDownload1,201
Statewide Sewer CAsDownload1,154
Statewide Telephone CAsDownload1,136
Statewide Water CAsDownload2,354
State BoundaryDownload192
County BoundariesDownload1,441
Wildlife Management AreasDownload226


NameLinkSize in KB
MS High Accuracy Network SitesDownload6
Lat/Long GridDownload28
7.5 Minute Quadrangle GridDownload7,052
(PLSS) Statewide SectionsDownload4,668
Survey DistrictsDownload279


NameLinkSize in KB
Block Groups 2000Download6,472
Block GroupsDownload6,160
Blocks 2000Download61,800
1990 Block Numbering Areas/TractsDownload2,800
Tracts 2000Download3,080


NameLinkSize in KB
Casino LocationsDownload3
CERCLA SitesDownload217
Community Health CentersDownload3
MS Dept. of Corrections RegionsDownload366
EPA Regulated FacilitiesDownload80
MS Forest Industry SitesDownload58
Acute Care HospitalsDownload10
Mental Health RegionsDownload449
Recreational FacilitiesDownload317
National Registry SitesDownload89
National ForestsDownload42
National Forest Ownership BoundariesDownload1,119
National ParksDownload23
RCRA SitesDownload23
State ParksDownload88
Toxic Release Inventory SitesDownload35
Underground Storage TanksDownload575


NameLinkSize in KB
Community College DistrictsDownload416
Public School DistrictsDownload1,196


NameLinkSize in KB
Detailed CoastlineDownload708
Dam LocationsDownload94
MS Dept. of Health WellsDownload398
Catfish PondsDownload44
Hydrologic Units (Basins)Download106
Intermittent StreamsDownload18,327
Major RiversDownload1,318
Mississippi RiverDownload319
Discharge Elimination SitesDownload65
MS Land & Water Resource Permit WellsDownload832
Perennial StreamsDownload9,293
Surface Impoundment SitesDownload28
Source Water Protection AreasDownload7,300
Polygon Water GT 25 AcresDownload1,623
USGS WellsDownload7,594
Water Development DistrictsDownload349


NameLinkSize in KB
Surface GeologyDownload1,152
Historic Forest BoundariesDownload290
Major Land Resource AreasDownload649
MS Forest HabitatsDownload257
Physiographic RegionsDownload273
Soil AssociationsDownload1,902


NameLinkSize in KB
Chancery Court DistrictsDownload732
Circuit Court DistrictsDownload760
2000 U.S. Congressional DistrictsDownload376
1990 U.S. Congressional DistrictsDownload416
MS Dept. of Transportation DistrictsDownload292
MS 1990 House DistrictsDownload1,812
MS 2000 House DistrictsDownload2,672
MS Supreme Court DistrictsDownload292
MS 1990 Senate DistrictsDownload1,024
MS 2000 Senate DistrictsDownload1,432
1990 Voting DistrictsDownload3,976


NameLinkSize in KB
Abandond RailroadsDownload100
County RoadsDownload12,304
Primary RoadsDownload784
Active RailroadsDownload416
Airport RunwaysDownload36
Secondary RoadsDownload428


NameLinkSize in KB
Major Power Company RegionsDownload372
Natural Gas PipelinesDownload276
Oil and Gas WellsDownload1,080

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