Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a property manager?

A property manager is anyone who has registered on the site and entered a property. This person will be in charge of maintaining up-to-date information on the properties he/she adds.  At this time, no realtors are allowed to add properties, but only those local economic development contacts that have been deemed Property Manager for their area can add/edit properties. 

  1. How do I register?

Click on ‘Manage Property’ click on ‘here’ under ‘New Users - Free Registration’, fill in required fields and click ‘register’. 

  1. Can I enter residential property?

No, this site is for Commercial and Industrial property ONLY.

  1. I’m ready to enter a property, what do I do?

Login and click on ‘Manage Property’, then select ‘building manager’ or ‘site manager’, click on ‘add building’ or ‘add site’, fill in the information and click ‘save property’

  1. How do I edit my property?

Login and click on ‘Manage Property’, then select either ‘building manager’ or ‘site manager’, click on ‘edit’ next to the property.  Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the Property Information in order to save edits. 

  1. I added/ edited my property, but do not see it whenever I am logged out? 

Each property that is added or edited is automatically sent to the Buildings & Sites Coordinator for authorization onto the public viewing of the site.  If you feel your property is not being posted in a reasonable amount of time, please contact the Buildings & Sites Coordinator. 

  1. What is the Latitude & Longitude Finder Map and why is it important?

The Latitude & Longitude Finder Map allows you to precisely pick the accurate latitude and longitude of your property.  This is important because these coordinates will be used to display the property on a map and they will be the center point for the radius based demographic reports.  You will be prompted to use the Latitude & Longitude Finder Map when you enter a property.  You may also access it anytime you edit your property by following these steps.  Login and click on ‘Manage Property’, then select either ‘building manager’ or ‘site manager’, click on ‘edit’ next to the property, select the ‘Latitude & Longitude Finder Map’ link.

  1. Is there a way I can draw my property boundary?

Yes, there is a tool located on the Latitude & Longitude Finder Map that will allow you to draw a boundary around your property.  Follow the instructions in #6 to get to the Latitude & Longitude Finder Map, then click the blue box on the left that indicates the Property Boundary Tool.  If you draw your property boundary incorrectly, simply click the blue box on the left with an X in it, indicating erase.  This will erase your drawing and you can then re-draw the appropriate boundaries.  Be sure to click Submit in order to save your work.

  1. How do I change my password?

Simply login to the site, click your name in the bottom right hand corner of the page once logged in.  This takes you to your personal information.  Click ‘Change Security Information’ in blue at the bottom and this will allow you to change your password. Enter the requested information to change your password.  Be sure to click ‘Change Password’ once you enter your new password.

  1. How do I add a photo or attachment to my property?

                Once logged in, select “Manage Properties” then pick either “Building Manager” or “Site Manager” 
                to get to the property you would like to add an attachment to.  Select your property from the drop
                down box and click “Manage Photos and Attachments.” Click the “Browse” button and navigate 
                to the file you would like to upload and click on “open” or just double click the file name. You will 
                now see the file name in the box next to the browse button. Click on upload.

  1. Why are my photos and files marked ‘Unapproved’ with an X over them when I upload them?

The Unapproved image will remain on the image until it is authorized by the Buildings and Sites Coordinator.

  1. How many attachments and photos can I upload?

You may add as many attachments as you like.

  1. What is Map as Photo and why should I use it?

This functionality allows you to use Microsoft Bing maps to capture an aerial (or Bird’s eye view if available for the area) of your property to be displayed on the Property Flyer/ Brochure.  Use this feature if you do not have a photograph of your property.  It is better to have a picture than nothing at all on the flyer in order to give the prospect a better idea of the property.

  1. How do I delete my Map as Photo?

Uncheck the ‘Click to Show a Map for Photo’ box.  Then, Click Save Map Position.  This will delete the ‘Map as Photo’ from the property.

  1. How do I delete my property boundary?

When in the ‘Latitude Longitude Map Picker’ functionality on your Property Information, simply click the icon with the Blue Polygon Box with an X over it.  This indicates deletion of the polygon/ property boundary you drew.  You can redraw the boundary if needed.

  1. How do I delete my property?

Only the Buildings and Sites Coordinator can delete properties.  We encourage you to mark the status of the property ‘Unavailable’ rather than having it deleted.  This allows you the ease and speed of reposting the property as ‘Available’ if ever it comes back onto the market.  If a property has been destroyed or has other reasons it should be deleted, please contact your Buildings and Sites Coordinator.

  1. I received an email that says “please confirm the status of you properties”.  What do I need to do?

The Site Selection Center automatically sends out an email each month to property managers asking them to confirm the status of their properties.  This ensures that property information is current.  In order to complete the email process, you will need to follow the instructions in the email.  Click the word “Here” in the bottom portion of the email.  Then verify you are the authorized user by checking the box.  Then, simply change the status of any of the properties that display by using the drop down box next to each property or if all is Correct, then you will not need to change anything.  When you are finished checking the status of your properties, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  You have completed the email verification process, and will receive your next email in approximately 30 days.  If you do not respond to the automatic, verification email from the Site Selection Center the first time in the month, then a second email will be sent to you reminding you to complete the email.  If you do not complete the email verification process on the second email, then a third email will be sent to you notifying you that your properties have been marked UNAVAILABLE (meaning they are no longer viewable by the public).

  1. Why are none of my properties showing up?

Login to the site and pull up your properties.  Make sure that the ‘Status’ field is marked ‘AVAILABLE’ in order for the property to show up on the public viewing of the site.

  1. I have a lot of photos can I upload them all?

Yes, but right now you will have to upload them one at a time. Be sure to upload the photograph that you want displayed on the Property Flyer first.  Whichever photograph is downloaded first will be the one displayed on the Property Flyer. 

  1. I have a photo but it is a large file size, how do I make the file size smaller?

If you have a photo editing software on your computer, it should have a tool to allow you to size down the picture.  If you do not have a photo software on your computer, simply download one from the internet for free, such as Serif Photo Plus or Paint Net.  Then resize the photo and resubmit on the site. 

  1. I have a property flyer, can I upload it?

Follow the instructions in #10 to upload this document as it is an attachment to a property.

  1. I have a new email address.  How do I update my email on the website so I can login using the new email address? 

Login with the old email address and password.  Once into the website, scroll down to the bottom right hand corner of the page and click your name in small, blue text.  Change your email and any other information and click Save/Submit.

  23.   Why I am not receiving the automated emails from the system?

You need to check with your IT or Internet Service Provider to make sure that the email address from the Mississippi Site Selection Center ( is whitelisted.  This will ensure that the emails are not getting sent to your spam inbox.

  1. How do I change my contact information or one of my secondary contacts’ information on a property flyer?

Once logged in, go to the Buildings & Sites tab.  Click on the Manage Contacts option.  Find your name or your secondary contact’s name and click edit.  Make any necessary changes and then click Save. 

  1. Why is the information I am adding to the Community Profile not appearing on the Local Data Report or staying when I edit a section?

The Site Selection Center automatically logs you out of the system after a long period of time is spent on the website.  The system thinks the user is no longer there after a long amount of time passes with the website open on a particular page, so it logs you out in order to protect your information.  If you are going to be spending a long amount of time adding and editing information on the website, just be sure to click Save Edits often.  This will ensure that your information remains on the site.

   26.    How do I delete a photo or file? 

Login and click Building or Site Manager to get to the property that holds the picture you need to delete.  Then click Manage Photos and Attachments next to that property.  Click the red X next to the photo or file that you want to delete.

   27.   What is the minimum square footage allowed for a building to be authorized?

                10,000 square feet

   28.   What is the minimum acreage allowed for a site to be authorized?

                10 acres

   29.   What does the ‘Reset View Count’ mean? 

            This feature allows the user to maintain a count of the view a property receives.  A view is defined as a
             property flyer being downloaded by someone not logged into the
Site Selection Center.  By clicking 
            this button, all the counts will go to zero (0) and begin counting property views from that 
            date forward until you click it again.  

  30.   Why does a small amount of businesses appear only in the center of the state on the Map Search
              map whenever I use the ‘Find Nearby’ tool?

The map can only display 20 variables at a time when using the ‘Find Nearby’ tool, so it automatically defaults to the first 20 in the central area of the state when the map is at the full extent of the state.  Be sure to zoom into the area you would like to see before you utilize the ‘Find Nearby’ tool and this will ensure that you see businesses around that area. 

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